The 5 things that make a Winning quote


What prompts customers to buy and what brings them back time and time again? 

As you probably guessed, it is rarely cost. What matters to buyers is trust in your product or service and how good or bad their experience is when dealing with you. 

PwC’s latest report, ‘Experience is Everything’, sums up what companies must offer: ‘Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Friendliness. And one big connector: human touch.’

And clients tell us that the quote management process is big part of the customer experience. We also found out the 5 things that change a so-so quote into Winning quote. Here they are: 

  1. Do you look the part? 

We know you shouldn’t judge a book from its cover but when we look how companies present their comms, we all do. Those that have consistent branding – brand colours, logos – on their quote and proposals stand out. It gives buyers confidence. 

  1. A sign you have got this

It’s a small touch but giving clients the ability to add an e-signature is not just a professional way to formalise an agreement but makes their lives easier as it is frictionless. 

  1. Less is more

Working with older proposal documents can add unnecessary detail. Clients don’t relish trying to find important information in a 100-page proposal. They value much smaller document with key costings and timelines set out clearly.

  1. Terms of endearment 

Good old terms and conditions exist for your peace of mind as well as your client’s. With templates that have predefined sections, Ts&Cs can be included as part of your quote document, so they are easily accessible and part of your overall professional presentation. 

  1. An eye for detail

Clients value a detailed cost breakdown. They can make an informed decision with confidence and it saves them time as they will not need to go back and forth with questions. 

All 1 – 5 are designed into QuoteOnSite templates but there is something else. 

If we go back to PwC’s advice, QuoteOnSite makes sure you deliver Speed. Convenience. Consistency. That leaves, Friendliness, and with all quotes in one place, with automated reminders and customer queries immediately flagged, you get to create that all important ‘big connecter’ – the human touch. 

Now get in touch with us and our 30-minute demo will show you how easy it is to make a Winning quote a winning habit.

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