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The Issue

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality garden rooms, we knew that the way we were quoting did not match up to the brand or the product, so we were looking for a solution that was visually more professional. The quotes via the QuickBooks accounting software were lengthy to create and not at all user friendly.

The Search

We tried combining the QuickBooks quote with additional visuals from our configurator but it still didn’t present SMART in the way that befitted our brand. So we set our Head of Sales on the task of finding a more suitable solution. After a few conversations with different potential products we settled on DocFlite as we felt it was a good fit.

The Support

The system is actually very easy to use and whenever there have been any issues, the support from DocFlite has been exceptionally fast and friendly.

The Upshot

DocFlite was a revelation! Not only has it provided the consultants with a more professional way of quoting when on site, it has reduced the admin time and presents SMART in exactly the way we want it to be perceived.
It has simplified the whole sales process, right from when the consultant steps on site to when an order is confirmed. This was an unexpected bonus and has streamlined the way we quote and how the quote is presented to our customers.

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