Sell more in less time – 3 tried & tested techniques


We always want to know more about clients’ success stories: What is working? What part of the process converted a prospect into a win? What would you repeat and what would you avoid? 

Yes, we ask many, many questions but only because we are keen to pass that learning on. When we hear that clients have doubled their win rates yet spend half the time on quote management, we want to know what is making a difference. 

Here’s what we discovered:  

1. Can you hear me? 

Speed of response really matters. Answering queries should be straightforward but prospects often email a request for further info, ask for more detail on a cost or timings, then go off the radar for a while. 

As QuoteOnSite flags all comms, including letting you know when a quote is opened and read, companies find it easy to respond at speed and close deals. Letting clients e-sign their approval makes a difference too as it cuts out another delay point.  

2. I didn’t know you did that

One client told us that a longstanding customer was not aware the of the breadth of the offer. Even though it was all detailed on their website.  

Quoting for a project is an opportunity to upsell products or services and gain a bigger percentage of client spend. With up-to-date price lists easy to upload to QuoteOnSite, our clients’ teams are selling in more products and services, without having to wait for traditional marketing to carry out the heavy lifting.

3. Here’s an offer you can’t refuse

We’ve been told that QuoteOnSite’s ability to send out promotions, where recipients can accept with a click of a button – no need to email, visit your website or call your office, is boosting sales.

It also helps that winning templates can be saved and shared, ready for the next opportune time to convert leads into sales.  

We will keep asking our clients about how they are selling more in less time, and we’ll share what we find. It’s a win win situation. 

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