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If you are in a room with clients or prospects, it is pretty easy to understand how your pitch is being received. But when a proposal goes out via email, you can’t see how people are responding. 

Until now. 

If you are familiar with Hotjar, you’ll know what amazingly powerful insights heat maps provide. One web page, they track and capture what people do – what they read, where they click, what they scroll past. It lets teams understand what prospects actually respond to, rather than guess what will have appeal. Now, in a sector first, QuoteOnSite has developed these analytics for quotes and proposals. 

With our heat maps feature, you’ll know when an email is opened, how long readers spend on each page, where their mouse scrolls and clicks, all of which you can use to see what makes a winning quote. 

If you have a critical quote coming up, there is no better way to know how you should structure your proposals to make it more likely that your target audience will click ‘accept’.  

It is truly exciting stuff and we are offering a free test drive of this new feature. And, as ever, we are always happy to run through a five-minute demo of how it works. 

With QuoteOnSite, if you can’t be in the room when you pitch, our heat maps will show you what you can’t afford to miss. 

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