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…”DocFlite has not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced our ability to provide exceptional service to our clients.”

The Issue

We were predominantly using excel-based tools to produce quotations and lead-tracking.
As time went on, the excel sheets we relied on grew larger and more complicated, which negatively impacted efficiency. This approach was not intuitive for new staff members. A decision was made to find a more ‘slick’ solution that would allow us to carry out existing processes more easily.

The Search

We were looking for a tool that could not only handle our immediate needs but also grow with us as our business expanded. We found that DocFlite offered the best combination of features, flexibility, and user-friendliness. The decision was solidified after a demo showed how effortlessly DocFlite could integrate into our existing workflows along with introducing new benefits and features.

The Support

The support from DocFlite has been outstanding. Their team is always ready to assist, providing prompt and helpful responses to any queries we have. The onboarding process was smooth, thanks to their detailed guidance and training sessions. We felt supported every step of the way, ensuring we could make the most of the platform’s capabilities right from the start.

The Upshot

Since implementing DocFlite, we have seen significant improvements in our processes. The platform has saved us countless hours by automating our quoting and job tracking systems. This efficiency has translated into cost savings and increased traceability of our operations. We can now generate quotes faster, track job progress in real-time, and maintain a comprehensive record of all transactions. DocFlite has allowed us to enhance our customer experience together with streamlining our processes and improved overall efficiencies.

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