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Quote With Clarity and Relevance

Produce quotes that are clear and easy to understand, with no ambiguity or confusion. DocFlite provides a range of features, including text boxes, drop-down menus, image imports, and notes, to help you clearly outline the scope of work, along with a flexible costing section for you to explain your prices clearly.

Stay relevant to the needs and interests of your customer, addressing their specific requirements and concerns. Using DocFlite’s interactive forms, you can gather customers’ requirements and include a detailed costing where necessary.

Commercial Cleaning Costing Example

Quote Faster

By Integrating to Accounting Software such as Sage Business Cloud, QuickBooks or Xero, this can significantly speed up the quoting process and save time by accessing product information or importing your prices. 

Using these tools can help you to reduce errors and improve the overall quality of your quotes, building trust and credibility with your customers

Bidding Software for Commercial Cleaning and

Quote Smarter

Reduce errors and improve the accuracy of your quotes using workflows to streamline repetitive tasks. This can be a powerful way to improve efficiency and productivity in your business. 

By setting up a series of tasks that are triggered by certain actions or events, you can automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks that are essential to your business operations. You can use workflows to automatically create new documents, send emails, update databases, and much more. 

Quote With Confidence

Having clear and detailed pricing for both recurring and one-off services is essential for building trust and credibility with your customers. By clearly showing your pricing and providing additional details such as product images, notes, discounts, and specifications, you can help your customers to better understand the value of your services and make more informed decisions.

In addition to providing detailed pricing information, you can also use tools to break down your costings into separate headings and sub-total different service groups. This can help to provide a clearer picture of the various components of your pricing, making it easier for customers to understand and compare different options.

Furthermore, you can save time and reduce the risk of errors in your pricing calculations by having your tax, profit and loss and commission automatically calculated.

Commercial Cleaning Costing Example

Quote With Authority

Using approvals can be a powerful way to improve the quality of documents that are created and sent in your business.

By establishing a clear process for reviewing and approving documents, you can ensure that all materials are accurate, consistent, and of high quality before they are shared with your contacts. Whether you are working on your own or as part of a larger team, approvals can streamline the process of checking quotes before they are sent to your customers

Quote With Consistency

Using templates to take control of your quote presentation can be a powerful way to improve the professionalism and effectiveness of your proposals. By adding your branding, content, pricing, and other relevant information to templates, you can create quotes that are consistent, well-organised, and easy to understand. This builds trust and credibility with your customers, as they will know that you are presenting accurate and reliable information.

In addition to using templates, you can also save your reusable content in Content Libraries. This feature means you can easily access and reuse your most frequently used content whenever you need it.


Seamless integration with your favourite tools

Connect your quoting process to your CRM (HubSpot, Sales Force) and Accounting package (Xero, QuickBooks, Sage) for seamless data management.

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