Speed Up Your Process
With The DocFlite Quickbooks Integration

Manage your Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, Feedback Forms, Client Onboarding,
Supplier Onboarding, Employee Onboarding and more by utilising data from your HubSpot account.

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Track your Quotes, Proposals, Contracts,
Onboarding forms and much more.
Link documents to multiple pipelines in HubSpot

Give your team visibility of documents for your Deals and Contacts
directly from HubSpot.

Leverage Your Contacts

Need to send a quote to a contact? 

Search your HubSpot Contact data for speedy document creation and eradicate duplication of data.


Update and Create Deals

Our flexible integration means that deals are automatically created and updated when the document you send is accepted or completed.

Map each document type to a deal pipeline and match your DocFlite statuses to deal stages.

Attach a document to an existing deal and the HubSpot deal stage will be updated automatically when your document status changes.




CRM Cards

Access information about related documents in Deals and Contact screens.

Create Documents From Templates

Take control of your document processes with Templates. Add your branding, content, pricing, e-sign and more.

Save your re-usable content in Content Libraries for quick document creation.



The complete sales, onboarding and document management system

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Banish excel, word/pdf, email and verbal quotes with software that’s so easy and yet so powerful, you’ll wonder how you and your team ever coped without it!