Quickbooks Quoting

Take Care of Enquiry to Payment With Quoting Software That Integrates With QuickBooks.
Quickbooks Integration

Accepted DocFlite quotes are automatically
turned into invoices in Quickbooks

Re-use Your QuickBooks Contacts In DocFlite

Easily integrate your QuickBooks contacts with DocFlite to access and use your contact information quickly. 

This integration helps you create documents more efficiently and reduces the need to enter the same information multiple times.


Quickbooks Contacts in DocFlite

Lookup QuickBooks Products in Your Proposals

Search for QuickBooks products directly within your DocFlite quote or proposal documents. 

Whenever you add a new product in DocFlite, it automatically syncs and updates in your QuickBooks account, ensuring consistent data across both platforms.



Auto-Generate Invoices In QuickBooks When Your Quote Is Accepted

When your quote or proposal gets approved, DocFlite will automatically generate an invoice in QuickBooks with all the details from that quote. 

If your quote includes optional items, only the selected items will be included in the invoice.





Quickbooks Integration

Create Quotes and Proposals With Templates

Leveraging templates for your quote presentations can significantly boost the professionalism and impact of your proposals.

By using custom quote templates, you can infuse your own branding, content, pricing, and other key details into your quotes, making them consistent, well-structured, and clear. This approach helps build trust and credibility with your clients, as they will see that your information is accurate and dependable.

Additionally, with QuickBooks, you have the option to store your go-to content in Content Libraries. This means you can quickly grab and reuse your favorite pieces of content anytime you need, making your quote creation process smoother and more efficient.


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