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Platinum provides a specialist facilities maintenance service to large real estate for major organisations within corporate, legal and banking sectors.

Headcount: 200+
Off-site staff: 70%

The Issue

When it came to quoting for work and getting sign off, I was aware that teams were relying on Word and Excel, and that it was difficult to keep track and maintain visibility with hundreds of sheets in existence, which relied on already busy teams to manually update them when requests changed.

It was a siloed approach, and it meant that management teams had no clear view of all sales in the pipeline, what was progressing, whether everything that needed authorising had been signed off and whether billing was up to date.

Not only was it inefficient, it gave us less control and impacted on cash flow. We were getting by, but I wanted far more than that.

The Search

Other areas of the business benefited from cloud-based solutions, such as a CRM system, so I began to look at solutions for quote management.

Nothing stood out as a good fit, that we could adopt straightway, until I looked at QuoteOnSite. Its ease of use, the fact that it updates changes automatically, and how visible the pipeline is, immediately stood out.

The Support

I spoke with TJ and his team and from the start, it was clear that they wanted to get under the skin of how we work, and what we want to achieve and then adapted features for us. They listen, have always been quick to respond, I like their energy.

The Upshot

Everyone has found the system easy to use and we will now roll it out to the last 20% of the organisation. Teams feel supported as a lot of the manual updating, tracking and chasing is taken care of.

Our service desk is now able to take on more work, keeping track and making sure everything is billed on time.

You can set authority levels for sign off and management value that visibility over all projects.

The upshot is, it is a centralised quoting system which has improved efficiencies, given management control and has dismantled bottlenecks.

We can keep growing and providing our clients with the support they need and rely on from Platinum.

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