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Building Systems That Matter

Our mission is to build software that businesses need to streamline their processes.

If there’s a problem, we just can’t stop ourselves.

We can’t help but fix things, work things out and wonder if there is a better way.

That’s how QuoteOnSite started – as a question, which became an idea and grew into a solution.

Solution – that’s one of those words, right? Hugely overused in business and almost empty of meaning – so here’s what we mean:

A friend asked TJ (tech supremo) to work out a better way to pull together a quoting process for a business.

A way where quotes wouldn’t just look professional but be the kind of app that integrates seamlessly into a business and makes cost control and quote management simple.

He worked on it some more. Then a lot more, and did all the things software developers do to get an adaptable, easy-to-use solution that makes a difference to often-imperfect processes on Day One.

What he came up with works for sales teams and management teams, for companies and customers alike.

QuoteOnSite solves problems. It makes choke points visible and easy to fix.

Seeing that, investors stepped in and TJ wondered* who he could rely on to run a company fit for rapid growth in sales, staff and operations.

OK, he didn’t really *wonder, he already knew. And so, he persuaded Elaine to come on board.

That was in 2017.

Now the company is expanding and if a client is faced with an issue, they know exactly who to talk to because…

If there’s a problem, we just can’t stop ourselves.

Who We Work With

Our Quote Management Platform is used by companies in Construction, Sales, Software, Design, Facilities Management, Cleaning Services and Consultancy, to name a few.

We started out as a B2C product but have since extended our feature-set to cater for B2B interactions, too.

See what our clients think 👇

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