Nobody likes change, until they do


“The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys.” 

Have you come across this quote from former Chief Engineer of the Post Office, Sir William Preece? It appears in a lot of ‘Top 10 Worst Tech Predictions’. Yes, it was 1878 but it’s held up as a classic example of short-sightedness in the face of tech development but in reality, I think Sir William had a point. 

When software is created it sets out to solve a problem. Very often, addressing a current process and looking to improve efficiencies; think how the early word processor moved along the world of the typewriter. But the fact that the New York Times talked about “the brave new world of Word Processing” in 1971 shows that there is often a lag between invention and adoption. 

Sir William wasn’t a Luddite, he was an early supporter of Marconi, but he recognised that people tend to work with what they know. We find a way of getting the job done, with the tools available at the time.

It echoes much of the feedback we get from clients. People use Word and Excel and accept that it means information is a bit scattered, not everyone might have the correct version to hand and that it takes time to track and update files. Then, once they start using QuoteOnSite, we consistently hear the following: 

  1. This is our process. But so much easier.

Yes, we work with how you work, we don’t expect you to change how you approach quotes and proposals, we just make it quick, clear and simple.

  1. I can see. Everything. 

QuoteOnSite does not give you a super power but it can feel like one*. By bringing together the whole pipeline of proposals, and all communication with clients, you have a clear overview on one screen. With automated reminders, clients tell us it helps them close deals and keep cash flow, well, flowing. 

  1. My clients like this.

With templates that have predefined sections and costings, it hugely speeds up the quote management process. You see when a client opens your proposal, you can field all enquiries, and update changes with ease. Our clients tell us that their clients appreciate how responsive they now are. 

Finally, they tell us: “Why did I wait so long?” Well, Sir William understood why and so do we. Set up a demo with us and we can run through why QuoteOnSite is your process, just better. 

*Cape not included with software.  

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