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The Issue

We work across many sites and clients regularly request additional services. Our Key Account Managers were preparing quotes using Word and tracking and updating them using Excel.

It meant that our central management teams had no clear view of sales across all our facilities services sites and each month, a lot of time had to be spent working with our central finance team checking what work that had been completed and which could be invoiced.

This lack of transparency also made it harder to forecast future resourcing requirements. Added to that, there was a concern that work was not being invoiced in the correct timeframe.

The Search

Our Finance and IT Director researched several solutions and ultimately decided on QuoteOnSite. We chose a site for a pilot project, which also enabled us to get client feedback.

The Support

QuoteOnSite are a great team. They get to grips with what you need and work to integrate the software into existing processes.

Then there are the improvements. We now have ‘Works Completed’ feature which means we can control when a draft invoice is raised, and management has a clear view of all workflow.

The Upshot

We undoubtedly save time but the biggest change for me is how much the whole business benefits from transparency.

We can see all work in progress and just when it is completed. Clients value QuoteOnSite too. They can raise a request and accept the quote at the click of a button. It is efficient and as it is web based, our teams can work from home or offsite.

We are now rolling it out to other key sites and I know that should we want to use new features in the future, QuoteOnSite is the kind of partner that will work to make it happen.

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