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Platinum provides a specialist facilities maintenance service to large real estate for major organisations within corporate, legal and banking sectors.

Headcount: 200+
Off-site staff: 70%

The Issue

Nothing is more important to us than our quality of work, the happiness of our customers and delivering each project to the highest standard.

We take full control of the contract from start to finish, and I knew that when it came to quotations, we were spending too much time typing everything up on an individual basis over and over again, and relying on Excel spreadsheets to track them.

We had to generate a lot of highly detailed customer quotations on top of our busy schedules, often working after hours, and my concern was that quotes would be late or that detail would be missed.

I wanted a quotation management process that would not just save us time but be part of the quality of our work.

The Search

In 2017, TJ invited us to take part in the Beta development of QuoteOnSite.

I talked about what we were looking for – we needed to send out more quotes in a shorter space of time enabling us to quote more surveys and free up time for other important areas of our business.

It was clear that he understood and so we agreed we’d start using the software.

The Support

QuoteOnSite listen. This is what makes them stand out, along with their willingness to engage with our business and come up with solutions that go beyond how we manage quotations.

The Upshot

I knew that we’d help shape the QuoteOnSite software but didn’t realise how much it would help Lucas Lofts actively shape and improve our business.

For example, QuoteOnSite has enabled us to easily build quote templates which are used across 14 different type loft conversions. It has given us structure for our clients’ details and messages/questions, it records and indicates our success rate, and we can invoice off the same platform. Everything is in one place.

The website contact widget is another great tool. It allows clients to pick their own template related to their house type and fill out their customer portal page which means half the job is done for us prior to booking a survey.

As a team, we can see how much more efficient we are now. And we have more headspace, freeing us up to focus on what matters.

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