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HubSpot certified integration for quotes, contracts, onboarding documents and more.

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Streamline Your CRM Workflow with DocFlite and HubSpot Integration

This seamless connection allows you to leverage your HubSpot Contacts within DocFlite, enabling you to use real-time data for quote creation without the need for manual data entry.

Whether it’s linking to existing deals or generating new ones when none are available, this integration ensures that every document is perfectly aligned with your sales process.


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Seamlessly Integrate Sales Documents with HubSpot Deals

Connect Documents to Deal Pipelines.

Connect Document Statuses to Deal Stages

Our flexible integration means that deals are automatically created and updated when the document you send is accepted or completed.

Effortlessly assign specific document types to corresponding deal pipelines and synchronize your DocFlite document statuses with the relevant stages of your deals.

By linking a document to an existing deal, the associated deal stage in HubSpot will automatically adjust in response to any changes in your document’s status.

See all Documents for a Company, Contact or Deal in one place

Update a Deal From Multiple Document Processes with Deal-Linking

Avoid creating duplicate deals for the same sales process.

The sales process often consists of multiple documents – Quotes, Contracts and Onboarding Forms.

You can have a single deal represent this process using DocFlites’ automated deal-linking feature. With deal linking, every document created for the same “Job” will attach itself to the originating deal and update the deal stage when the document status changes.

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Hubspot Quote Template

Using templates to take control of your quote presentation can be a powerful way to improve the professionalism and effectiveness of your proposals.

With custom quote template hubspot, you can add your branding, content, pricing, and other relevant information to templates, you can create quotes that are consistent, well-organised, and easy to understand. This builds trust and credibility with your customers, as they will know that you are presenting accurate and reliable information.

In addition to using templates, you can also save your reusable content in Content Libraries. This feature means you can easily access and reuse your most frequently used content whenever you need it.

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