Free client onboarding template to increase revenue


This blog post discusses the importance of client onboarding templates and tools. We also provide a free client onboarding template for you to use in your business. 

Effective onboarding is essential for building lasting client relationships.
Templates and technology can simplify onboarding, save time, and improve the client’s experience.

In this blog post, learn how to improve your client onboarding process with templates and tools.

So, let’s dive in!

The importance of client onboarding

You’ve landed a new client for your business, but signing the agreement is only the beginning. To establish trust, it’s essential to provide a complete onboarding experience.
A recent survey found that 88% of customers are more likely to remain loyal to businesses prioritising onboarding and education.

Pay attention to this crucial step after converting a lead into a customer. A comprehensive client onboarding experience can prevent any disconnect and ensure client loyalty.

Benefits of using the client onboarding template

The client onboarding template aims to improve the early stages of your relationships with new clients. It reflects a well-planned and organised approach, ensuring every new client feels valued and informed immediately. Some key benefits of using this template include:
better communication
consistency and professionalism
streamlined efficiency
Use a structured template to convey information uniformly and free up your team for better client service.

What is client onboarding?

Client onboarding is the process of welcoming and integrating new clients into your business ecosystem.
Establishing a positive experience with your clients from the beginning is critical for long-lasting relationships.
A structured onboarding process helps clients understand your products/services, the benefits of working with you, and navigate your business.
Additionally, it provides an opportunity to set clear expectations, build trust, and foster loyalty. Using client onboarding templates and tools can save time, streamline the process, and ensure a seamless client experience.


How do you create a client onboarding process?

To create a successful onboarding process for your clients, you can follow these steps:

1. Send a warm welcome email
2. Use DocFlite to guide your onboarding process flow chart. (Quotation, service agreement, onboarding, feedback)
3. Schedule regular check-ins
4. Customise follow-up emails and resources based on client needs
5. Set clear demographics and understand your market
6. Focus on the customer’s goals and provide clear, actionable instructions to ensure a successful onboarding process.

Client onboarding document template

To ensure a seamless client onboarding process, incorporating structured templates is critical.

A client onboarding document template ensures a well-structured and efficient onboarding process, saving time, streamlining communication, and providing a seamless client experience.

Onboarding templates to use can include:

  1. Sales-to-Client Success Handoff Template:
    This template transfers client info from sales to client success for thoroughness.
  2. Pre-Kickoff Planning Stage Template:
    This template helps organise the necessary steps before the official project kickoff, setting a clear roadmap.
  3. Kickoff Meeting Template:
    This template helps structure the initial meeting to align goals and expectations and introduce the team.
  4. Project Communication Template:
    Ensures consistent and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.
  5. Resource Planning Template:
    Helps allocate and manage resources required for the project.
  6. Project Status Reports Template:
    Allows for regular updates on project progress, keeping all stakeholders informed.
  7. Go-Live Template:
    Guides the final steps before project launch, ensuring a smooth transition to go-live status.

Click here to work with our team and create a free client onboarding template that fits your company’s needs and agenda.

Client onboarding forms

Utilising a client onboarding form is a strategic move to streamline gathering essential information from new clients. Here’s how to leverage client onboarding forms effectively:

Essential Information to Request:

  • Company Name
  • Main Point of Contact
  • Email Address
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Billing Information
  • Preferred Method for Invoice Reception

Key Features of Client Onboarding Forms:

  • Support for Multiple Users
  • Admin Console for Easy Management
  • White Labeling Options for Brand Consistency
  • Integration with CRM, Storage Solutions, Payment Systems, and Email Platforms

With DocFlite, you can conveniently collect essential details from your clients using a client onboarding document that enables you to carry out your company’s services. Once the agreement is signed, the client receives an onboarding document that requests information on standing orders, account contact details, and eSignature.

DocFlite’s e- signature feature

Free client onboarding template

Client Onboarding Template for Companies

Welcome to [Company Name]! We’re excited to have you join our family and embark on this journey together. Our priority is to ensure your experience with us is seamless, productive, and enjoyable. Our client onboarding process aims to guide you through our partnership’s early stages and lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration.

1: Welcome and Introduction

    • Send a warm welcome message to the client, expressing gratitude for choosing your company.
    • Introduce key contacts from your team who will be handling the onboarding process.

2: Kickoff Meeting

    • Schedule a kickoff meeting to initiate the onboarding process officially.
    • Provide an overview of your company’s history, mission, and core values.
    • Discuss the client’s expectations, goals, and desired outcomes.

3: Information Gathering

Request necessary information from the client, such as contact details, company background, and project/service requirements.
If applicable, provide a secure platform for the client to share sensitive information.

4: Proposal Submission

    • Prepare and present a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, timeline, and pricing.
    • Ensure transparency and clarity regarding deliverables and expectations.

5: Contract Signing

    • Finalise the contract/agreement and clearly outline all terms and conditions.
    • Guide the signing process and address any questions or concerns.

6: Onboarding Documentation

    • Provide a comprehensive onboarding packet containing all necessary documents, forms, and instructions.
    • Include any legal agreements, NDAs, or compliance requirements for the client to review and sign.

7: Platform Setup and Training

    • Assist the client in setting up accounts and accessing your company’s platforms or tools.
    • Offer training sessions or tutorials to familiarise the client with your systems and processes.

8: Communication Channels

    • Establish communication channels for ongoing collaboration, such as email, phone, or project management software.
    • Introduce the client to their dedicated account manager or point of contact for any inquiries or support needs.

9: Regular Check-ins

    • Schedule regular check-in meetings to review progress, address issues, and ensure client satisfaction.
    • Encourage open dialogue and feedback to improve the client experience continually.

10: Ongoing Support and Relationship Building

    • Provide ongoing support and guidance as the client transitions into working with your company.
    • Nurture the relationship through proactive communication, personalised interactions, and value-added services.


Thank you for choosing [Company Name].
We’re committed to your success and are dedicated to providing exceptional service every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance during the onboarding process, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

Welcome aboard!

Leveraging Technology and Templates

Using technology and templates for client onboarding is a must.

Let’s take a look at DocFlite’s onboarding tool:

How to collaborate effectively with peers
Customer onboarding tools

Integrating the onboarding process with DocFlite Document Management System can enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.
Here are some key Docflite features:

Docflite is a digital tool for managing document processes.

It was created to manage quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts, feedback forms, onboarding, and more.
There are several benefits to client onboarding with DocFlite:

1. Automation

Firstly, it can automate the creation and sending of documents to clients. DocFlite automates sending documents to clients after they accept a quote. If a document needs to be approved by a manager first, DocFlite can also handle that.

2. Heat mapping and mouse click tracking

Docflite's heatmapping featureAnother benefit is the heat mapping and mouse-clicking feature. This feature enables you to monitor how clients interact with their documents, providing valuable information on which sections they focus on and how they allocate their time. This is crucial in anticipating their needs and moving the process if the client delays. Adjusting your documents accordingly can improve the customer experience and retain their business.

3 .Auto data capture

DocFlite also captures all the necessary details quickly and efficiently. With this tool, clients are more likely to fill out all the necessary fields, capturing all the data required in one step. In the traditional way of sending documentation, clients often skip sections, causing delays. DocFlite eliminates delays in the documentation process by ensuring clients fill out mandatory fields before submitting their documents.


4. E-Signature

The e-signature feature is yet another advantage of DocFlite. It supports e-signatures, creating a faster and more seamless onboarding system. Documentation can be processed digitally and remotely, making it more convenient for you and your clients.

5. Feedback Forms

With DocFlite, you can create feedback forms and any required document. This is essential for developing strong client relationships and improving the customer experience.

6. Media and document uploader

The file upload feature lets clients upload files directly to your documents. -Eliminating the need to track down missing information.

DocFlite Document Management System can help businesses improve their onboarding process. Making it more efficient and personalised, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.

DocFlite- Client onboarding process flow chart


DocFlite Client Onboarding Flow Chart
DocFlite Client Onboarding Flow Chart

People also ask

This section answers the most commonly asked questions about client onboarding.

What is an example of client onboarding?

Client onboarding helps new customers transition from their first purchase to becoming regular patrons of your business.
Some key steps include:
sending a personalised welcome email
providing an in-app introduction
offering training sessions
giving access to a knowledge base
providing dedicated support

Using DocFlite, you can streamline communication, share information centrally, and provide a personalised onboarding journey for each customer. This all leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What is a customer onboarding template?

A customer onboarding template is crucial for creating a personalised experience for new clients.
Therefore, integrating it with DocFlite can significantly enhance the process.

It is customisable, covers all necessary steps, reduces customer churn, fosters loyalty, and aids in strategic planning.
Effective onboarding directly impacts revenue. Using DocFlite’s capabilities with a well-crafted template ensures a consistent and engaging introduction for clients. Thus setting the stage for a lasting and profitable relationship.

What is simple client onboarding process?

Here’s a simple approach to client onboarding that can enhance efficiency and satisfaction: –

  • send a personalised welcome email
  • provide access to resources
  • ensure clear deliverables
  • offer self-service and personal guidance
  • schedule regular check-ins
  • collect feedback

What are the first steps in the client onboarding workflow?

The initial steps in client onboarding are crucial for setting the stage for a successful relationship. Onboarding technology can streamline and enhance this process by helping you:

  • Craft a detailed kick-off meeting agenda
  • Manage client expectations through document sharing
  • Send a follow-up email expressing gratitude, including a digital welcome package.

Investing time and resources into these initial steps fosters trust and clear communication from the outset, helping to retain high-value clients.
Docflite is a digital solution designed to streamline document management tasks such as quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts, feedback forms, onboarding, and more. Building strong client relationships and enhancing customer experience is critical. Use media and document uploader tools for this. Digital and remote documentation processing offers convenience for you and your clients.

We hope you found the free client onboarding template in this post helpful for your onboarding process.

Find out more: https://docflite.com/client-onboarding-process-flow-chart

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