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Accurate and Efficient Estimating Software for Your Project Needs

Estimates that are Relevant

An accurate and relevant estimate for a project or task is crucial for success.

DocFlite provides a range of features, including text boxes, drop-down menus, image imports, and notes, to help you include the scope of work, necessary materials and resources, and any constraints or limitations in your estimate

Considerate Estimates

An estimator’s past experience with similar projects or tasks can be useful in informing and improving the accuracy of an estimate. 

By storing all estimates in one place with DocFlite, it becomes possible to reuse previous estimates for different customers or companies and make any necessary adjustments

Thorough Estimates

A thorough estimate considers all necessary aspects of a project or task, rather than making broad assumptions or oversimplifying the work. 

DocFlite allows you to create a document with the level of detail you require for your estimate. Using DocFlite’s interactive forms, you can gather customers’ requirements and include a detailed costing where necessary. You can also include caveats for your prices by adding additional notes.

Estimate workflows

Effective estimating software should streamline moving forward with a customer’s request. 

DocFlite can automatically generate a quote when an estimate is approved. With DocFlite’s workflows, you can design a process that meets your specific needs, whether it is simple and brief or more complex.

Seamless integration with your favourite tools

Connect your quoting process to your CRM (HubSpot, Sales Force) and Accounting package (Xero, QuickBooks, Sage) for seamless data management.

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