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Turn your multi-step document process into a single click

Make manual document creation a thing of the past with workflow automation. Free up admin time with a system that knows just what to do next…

Sending documents to your clients, staff, suppliers, sub-contractors and partners doesn't have to be a chore.

Take the hassle out of getting the right document to the right recipient at the right time, with automated workflows that are run when a specific event occurs.

Document Templates

Create document templates to suit every part of your process from Employment contracts, Feedback Forms, Onboarding Documents, Tenders and more…

Process Stages

Define individual pipelines for different document types to track your process just the way you’d like.

Automation With Workflows

Get your work done by configuration, not perspiration.

Setup workflows that assure the right processes are fired up at the right time whilst informing the right people.

Use automated approvals to ensure that your documents are quality checked before they are sent to the intended recipient, create companions documents automatically depending on user actions and ensure that document statuses are right, everytime.

Taks List

Getting Things Done, With Tasks

Tasks allow you automate actions such as:

– Sending automated notifications to alert your team of an event.

– Automatically move your document to a selected status as part of a workflow.

– Pausing a workflow until a document has been approved.

– Marking a job as completed.

– Automatically send a document to the intended recipient.

– Creating a new document and kicking off a new workflow.

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