Document management system examples


Looking for document management system examples that boost productivity?

Document management system examples

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a DMS.

We will also go through some of DocFlite’s document management system examples. Helping you to better understand the tool and its practical benefits for your business. 


45% of employed workers in the States felt their company’s process for sharing and organising documentation is outdated and is in dire need of modernising! 


Efficient document management is crucial in today’s fast-changing business landscape.

From creation to distribution, using a software solution can transform your company’s performance and reputation. 


Introduction to Document Management Systems (DMS)


Before we dive into the benefits of using a DMS, let’s understand what one is. 

A DMS software solution allows businesses to manage their documents digitally. It provides a centralised location for storing, retrieving, sending, and sharing documents. 


A top-performing document management system will go beyond these basic functionalities. –  As we’ll discover with our exploration of the DocFlite system. 


Let’s take a deep dive into a few examples of DocFlites’ document management system. 



Document management system examples


When you use a robust document management system like DocFlite you’ll gain: 


Clear visual pipelines


Pipelines can be designed to suit the needs of your business and the process each document type needs to follow.


This can be the standard quote pipelines such as “Draft,” “Sent,” “Accepted,” and “Rejected.” However, DocFlite allows flexibility for users to design their pipelines to reflect their unique workflows. Below is an example where more stages were required;


DMS visual pipeline


This level of organisation enhances visibility and control over document processes and encourages efficient management and timely completion.


Personalised Workflows and Tasks


While the software provides standard workflows for common processes, users can also design bespoke workflows to align with their unique requirements. 


This capability allows for seamless coordination among teams, automating the creation, approval, and distribution of documents. 


Industry Example

A signed employment contract returned by an employee can trigger the sending of all the necessary company policies and handbooks.


Wider Access to Documents


DocFlite allows multiple users to access documents simultaneously with access permissions appropriately set for each user. Team members can access documents from different devices, promoting collaboration and efficiency. Documents can be sent for approval to team managers at the click of a button. 


Manage Multiple Document Processes


Traditionally, businesses would store different document types in separate locations, such as Word or Excel files. 

With this method of storing documentation, M-Files found that a huge 25% of documents are lost

With an average of 50% of workers’ time being spent on creating and preparing documents this is a significant risk for an organisation. 


DocFlite eliminates this fragmentation by allowing users to manage multiple document types in a single centralised platform. 


This feature significantly improves organisation and accessibility. Saving time and effort in searching for and retrieving specific documents.


Create Specific Working Templates


DocFlite enables users to create document templates tailored to their business needs.

These templates can be used for both internal and external documents. Such as employee-related paperwork, and external communications with clients, suppliers, and partners. 


By investing time in creating visually appealing, professional and comprehensive templates, users can easily reuse them for different customers. This minimises repetitive work, saves time and ensures consistency across your company’s documents.


Industry example:

Cleaning companies find this function particularly useful. They can create different employee documents such as employee onboarding, lone working policies, training or risk assessments for employees. While additionally creating quotations invoices and working contracts for different clients. 


DMS Working Templates



DocFlite offers a valuable feature called Heatmaps, which enables users to track user engagement on every document. 


By analysing heatmaps, businesses gain insights into how recipients interact with their documents, including which sections are most engaging. 


This information can be leveraged to optimise document design, content placement, and overall effectiveness.


Data Capture Forms


DocFlite simplifies the process of gathering relevant information by offering data capture forms. 

They allow for various field types such as tick boxes, text boxes, dates, yes/no options, dropdown menus, and even file uploads. 


They prove particularly valuable for surveys or questionnaires, enabling efficient data collection and subsequent analysis. 


Industry examples:


For example, a pest control company can survey a site using DocFlite’s forms. Simply by ticking boxes to determine the type of pest control required before providing a quote.

This feature simplifies the quote-generating process and reduces human error by ensuring no fields are missed. 


Document management system examples


Bulk Send


Sending documents to multiple recipients simultaneously is made easy with DocFlite’s bulk send feature. 

This functionality is ideal for:

– distributing updated documents to staff

– promotional offers to clients

– marketing material to prospects




DocFlite integrates seamlessly with other business applications, enhancing its functionality and extending its reach. 


  • Notable integrations include HubSpot and QuickBooks and Xero.
  • HubSpot Integration: By linking documents to multiple pipelines in HubSpot, users can track quotes, proposals, contracts, onboarding forms, and more. The integration enables the search of HubSpot contact data for speedy document creation, removing data duplication. 


Deals are automatically created and updated based on document acceptance or completion. While document statuses can be synchronised with deal stages.


QuickBooks/ Xero Integration:

When a quote is accepted, DocFlite can automatically generate an invoice in the connected accounting system.

Users can retrieve contact information from QuickBooks or Xero while creating a document, streamlining data entry and reducing errors.

Furthermore, the integration facilitates the lookup of products from accounting systems when adding costs to quotes, ensuring accuracy and consistency.



Document management system examples


Save business costs

By removing physical storage space and reducing paper usage, DocFlite reduces expenses as well as those associated with printing, copying, and shipping documents.

Another saved cost from streamlining your document processes is the cost in man hours. DocFlite can help speed up your processes, releasing employees to do other jobs or even reducing the need to employ as many staff.


This is especially useful in the case where documentation needs a re-draft after amendments. 




With DocFlite’s integrated e-signature functionality, capturing signatures becomes effortless. 

Users can obtain signatures directly within the document, avoiding the need for third-party applications. 

This feature is versatile, supporting multiple signatures for both internal and external use cases. Ensuring all parties involved can easily endorse and finalise documents.


E-signature enabling is useful for any industry needing to pass contracts, invoices or quotes back and fore to their customers or employees. 




Document management system examples use for specific industries


DocFlite caters to various sectors, offering tailored solutions to their unique document management needs. 


Let’s explore how DocFlite benefits three specific industries for a quick example:


Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Management


Commercial cleaning companies require handling multiple document types, both internally and externally. 

DocFlite enables seamless management of applications, job offer letters, employment contracts, policies, audits, quotes, proposals, contracts, price increase letters, and more. 


The software’s forms and tables feature allows employees and customers to provide information 

through checkboxes, drop-down menus, text boxes, and file uploads. 


Detailed costing and signature functionalities ensure accurate pricing and streamlined agreement processes. 

Moreover, the ability to track document progress and create custom workflows facilitates efficient approval and delivery.



The construction industry benefits from DocFlite’s capabilities throughout various stages of project management. 


From pre-qualification checklists to site surveys and detailed quotes, the software streamlines information gathering, cost estimation, and proposal creation. 


The Ease of Creating Quotations with DocFlite for Construction


Managing quotations in the construction industry can be a complex process. However, with the help of DocFlite, creating accurate and detailed quotations becomes incredibly easy. 


Let’s explore how DocFlite simplifies the quotation workflow for construction companies.


Pre-Qual Checklist


One of the stages in the construction workflow could be the Pre-Qual Checklist. This checklist involves gathering information from the customer before creating a quote. DocFlite provides forms and tables, including text boxes, drop-down menus, and yes/no options, to collect the necessary details efficiently. This ensures that all essential information is obtained and considered before proceeding with the quotation.


Once the Pre-Qual Checklist is completed and returned to the document sender, a Site Survey is automatically generated. 

This survey allows the document sender to gather additional information during their visit to the site. Similar to the Pre-Qual Checklist, DocFlite’s forms and tables make it easy to record data through text boxes, drop-down menus, and yes/no options.



Document management system examples



The Quote stage is where DocFlite truly shines. 

Document owners can create highly detailed costings, including images to illustrate specific elements such as bricks, patio slabs, or windows. 


Additionally, optional items can be added to the quote, providing flexibility when customers request multiple options. 


DocFlite presents these costings in a clear and organised manner. Making it easy for customers to compare and select their preferred choices. 


To help simplify lengthy costings, DocFlite also offers a costing summary that gives customers an overview of the headings and totals before delving into the detailed breakdown. 


This feature is particularly useful for construction quotes involving significant values, such as £100k projects.


Document management system examples



Payment Schedules

Payment Schedules play a crucial role in construction quotations, and DocFlite caters to this need. Users can create bespoke payment schedules, defining the number of payments, the payment amount (percentage or value), and the payment deadlines. 


This feature ensures that both the construction company and the customer have a clear understanding of the payment terms and schedule.


Extra features useful for Construction


In addition to the ease of creating quotations, DocFlite offers various customisation options. Construction companies have the freedom to design beautiful proposals with cover pages, background images, and testimonials, or they can opt for more detailed and factual documents. DocFlite’s flexibility allows companies to create documents that align with their branding and presentation preferences.


Tracking documents throughout the quotation pipeline is another valuable feature of DocFlite. Construction companies can monitor document opens, clicks, and the current stage in the pipeline, such as Draft, Cold Lead, Warm Lead, Hot Lead, Accepted, or Rejected. 


Moreover, users can create customised workflows, enabling documents to be sent for managerial approval before reaching the customer. This ensures that quotes above a certain threshold or specific events trigger appropriate actions, maintaining control and consistency in the quotation process.


With DocFlite’s ease of use and tailored features, construction companies can streamline their quotation workflows, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism. 


Example of Construction Document Types:

Document management system examples


For accountants, DocFlite simplifies document management and improves client interactions. 

With customisable workflows, accountants can streamline processes for proposals, letters, and information request documents.


The software’s merge costings feature allows the reuse of costings from accepted proposals, ensuring consistency across related documents. 


Docflite has the functionality to merge costings, tables, images, text and checked rows only.

Accurate data capture through forms and tables simplifies gathering client information, while the integration with accounting systems automates invoice generation upon quote acceptance.


Document management system examples


A little more about DocFlite

Since 2019, DocFlite has been empowering SMEs across the UK & Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, and Canada to revolutionise their document management. 


From Construction to Facilities Management, Commercial Cleaning to IT Services, our innovative solutions streamline Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, and more. 


Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and embrace efficiency with DocFlite. 


Join our growing community of businesses transforming their document-centric processes for success.

Whether you’re in commercial cleaning, construction, or accountancy, DocFlite’s tailored solutions enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and ensure seamless collaboration. Take control of your documents and soar to new heights with DocFlite!


Document Management System Examples – Conclusion:

DocFlite offers a comprehensive suite of features that revolutionise document management across industries. 


The software’s ability to manage multiple document types in one place, create templates, automate workflows, and track document progress enhances efficiency and productivity. 


Industries like commercial cleaning, construction, and accountancy benefit from DocFlite’s tailored solutions, which address their specific document management needs. 


By utilising this powerful document management software, businesses can streamline their processes, improve collaboration, and achieve greater success in their respective industries.


Like DocFlite’s document management system examples? Find out more about DocFlite here. 


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