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Quoting Software for distributors and manufacturers to streamline your business processes by automating the creation and distribution of sales and marketing documents

Quote Faster

Improve your quotation process with easy cost calculations by importing your pricing database into DocFlite.

Boost efficiency by utilizing integrations with popular accounting software such as Sage Business Cloud, QuickBooks, and Xero to reuse products


Bidding Software for Commercial Cleaning and

Streamline Your Processes

Improve your processes with DocFlite’s workflow feature. Automate quote and invoice creation by setting up a series of tasks. For instance, when a client approves an estimate, DocFlite can automatically generate a corresponding quote document, saving time and resources.



Quote With Confidence

Clearly display pricing for both recurring and one-time services.

Enhance customer understanding of your products and services with product images, notes, discounts, units of measure, and detailed specifications.

Organize costings by service categories and calculate VAT, profit, loss, and commission automatically, streamlining billing and improving financial reporting.

Commercial Cleaning Costing Example

Quality checked documents

DocFlite’s approvals feature can help distributors ensure the quality of documents before they are sent to customers.

With approvals, documents can be reviewed and approved by multiple team members, improving confidence in the accuracy and completeness of the information being shared.  Streamlining the document review process and helps to ensure that all documents are accurate and error-free before they are sent to contacts.

Be Continuously Consistent

Create professional and high-quality quotes that accurately reflect your brand and services.

Take control of your quote presentation by using customisable Templates. These templates can include branding, content, pricing, e-signatures, and more. Additionally, DocFlite’s

DocFlite’s Content Library feature allows you to save re-usable content for quick document creation, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.




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