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Legal quoting software that streamlines and automates the quoting process from Enquiry to Instruction

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Streamline your quote process by integrating our automated quote generation software for conveyancing. 

Using a contact form on your website is a valuable tool that can optimize communication, generate leads, improve efficiency, and contribute to a positive client experience. It aligns with contemporary Conveyancing business practices and helps conveyancers stay competitive in a digital age.

Bidding Software for Commercial Cleaning and

Streamline Your Processes?

Using E-signatures, legal quoting software allows for quote acceptance online. This offers conveyancers a range of benefits, including improved efficiency, client convenience, reduced administrative burden, and a competitive edge. Clients can accept the quote on any device in any location at a time that suits them.

DocFlite can also automatically generate document reminders to politely chase your potential clients.

Easy Quality Control

Embracing Conveyancing quote software online, can streamline various aspects of your workflow and enhance client satisfaction. Following quote acceptance, utilise DocFlite and create Workflows for your entire sales team and your process.

Consistency in Quotes

DocFlite allows for automated quote generation for conveyancing firms by catering for multiple users across multiple sites and offering different permissions and data visibility.



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Unlimited Interactive Documents 

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Workflow Automations


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Banish excel, word/pdf, email and verbal quotes with software that’s so easy and yet so powerful, you’ll wonder how you and your team ever coped without it!