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Introduction to quoting software for small businesses

Running a small business can be overwhelming, especially when managing quotes and estimates. However, with the help of modern technology, you can streamline your operations and boost efficiency using quoting software. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the benefits of quoting software for small businesses, how it works, key features to look for, and how to choose the right software for your specific needs.

Why are quotes so crucial for businesses?

Quotes play a crucial role in the success of any business, regardless of its size. They serve as a formal proposal to potential clients, outlining a project’s cost, scope, and timeline. Providing accurate and professional quotes can build trust, set clear expectations, and ultimately win more business. However, manually creating and managing quotes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is where quoting software comes into play.

What is a quoting software?

Quoting software, also known as quote management software or proposal software, is a digital solution that automates creating, sending, and managing quotes.
It eliminates the need for manual calculations, reduces human error, and saves valuable time for small business owners.

Quoting software typically includes features such as:

  • Customisable templates
  • Pricing calculators
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Track quotes throughout the sales cycle

How does quoting software work?

Construction software for small builders

Quoting software simplifies creating quotes by providing a user-friendly interface and automated tools.
Once you input the necessary information, such as the client’s details, project requirements, and pricing structure, the software generates a professional-looking quote or estimate.

Some quoting software even allows you to customise the appearance of your quotes to match your branding.
Once the quote is created, you can send it directly to the client via email or share a link for them to view and accept online.

The benefits of using quoting software

Using quoting software offers numerous benefits for small businesses.

1. Automation

Firstly, it saves time by automating the quote creation process. Instead of spending hours manually calculating costs and formatting documents, you can generate professional quotes within minutes.

This boosts efficiency and allows you to promptly respond to client inquiries, increasing the chances of winning the business.

2. Improves quote accuracy

Moreover, quoting software improves accuracy by eliminating manual errors.
The software performs all the calculations for you, ensuring that quotes are precise and consistent.
This reduces the risk of underquoting or overquoting, which can lead to financial losses or missed opportunities.

3. Easier tracking and management

Quoting software also enables you to track and manage quotes effectively. You can easily monitor the status of each quote, track client interactions, and set follow-up reminders.
This helps you stay organised, prioritise leads, and close deals more efficiently.

Key features to look for in quoting software

When choosing quoting software for your small business, it’s essential to consider the key features that will best suit your needs.
Here are some features to look out for:

1. Customisable templates

Look for software that allows you to create and customise templates according to your branding and specific requirements. This ensures that your quotes reflect your business’s unique identity and create consistency across your business.

2. Pricing calculators

A good quoting software should have built-in pricing calculators that will calculate your prices and allow you to add taxes, discounts and commissions to your quotes. This saves time and ensures accurate quotes.

3. Integration with CRM systems

If you use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage your leads and contacts, look for quoting software that integrates seamlessly with your CRM. This will streamline your sales process and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

DocFlite integrates seamlessly with accounting software (specifically Xero and Quickbooks).

This integration means that once a quote or proposal is accepted in DocFlite, an invoice will be automatically generated in the accounting system, ready for the user to check and send at the appropriate time.

This is useful for tradesmen, who often have a payment schedule (rather than one lump sum). When payment schedules are used in DocFlite, multiple invoices will be created in the accounting software to match the quote.

4. Reporting and analytics

Advanced quoting software provides reporting and analytics features that allow you to track the performance of your quotes. You can analyse metrics such as conversion rates, average deal size, and win rates, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to improve your sales process.

5. Collaboration and sharing

Choose software that enables collaboration between team members and allows you to share quotes with clients quickly. This promotes efficient communication and enhances the overall customer experience.

6. Quote revision and version control

Look for software that lets you quickly revise and update quotes without creating multiple versions. This ensures you and your clients have access to the most up-to-date information.

7. Quote tracking

Ensure that the software offers robust tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the status and progress of each quote.
This will help you identify bottlenecks, prioritise leads, and follow up effectively.

8. Mobile accessibility

If you frequently work on the go or need to create quotes while meeting with clients, opt for software that offers mobile accessibility. This enables you to generate quotes anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.

9. Security and data protection

Given the sensitive nature of client information in quotes, prioritise software that offers robust security measures, such as data encryption and secure cloud storage.

How to choose the right quoting software for your small business

Selecting the right quoting software for your small business can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration, you can find the perfect fit for your needs.
Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:

1. Identify your requirements

Identify your specific needs and priorities before exploring different software options. Consider factors such as the volume of quotes you generate, the complexity of your pricing structure, and any integration requirements with existing systems.

2. Research different software providers

Look for reputable software providers that specialise in quoting software for small businesses. Read reviews, compare features, and take advantage of free trials to get a firsthand software experience. (Try our DocFlite quoting software here).

3. Evaluate ease of use

Usability is a crucial factor when choosing quoting software. Ensure the software has an intuitive interface and a short learning curve, saving you time and frustration in the long run.

4. Consider scalability

As your business grows, your quoting needs may evolve. Choose software that can scale with your business and accommodate increasing quote volumes without compromising performance.

5. Review customer support

Check the level of customer support provided by the software provider. Responsive and knowledgeable support can make a significant difference if you encounter any issues or need assistance during implementation.

Implementing quoting software into your business processes

Once you have chosen the right quoting software for your small business, the next step is to implement it into your existing processes. Here’s how you can seamlessly integrate quoting software into your business:

1. Train your team

Provide comprehensive training to your team members on using the quoting software effectively. Ensure they are familiar with all the features and functionalities to maximise their potential.

2. Import existing data

If you have a backlog of quotes or client information, consider importing it into the quoting software. This saves time and ensures a smooth transition to the new system.

3. Define workflows and processes

Establish clear workflows and processes for creating, sending, and managing quotes using the software. This ensures consistency and minimises confusion among team members.

4. Monitor and evaluate

Regularly monitor the performance of the quoting software and gather feedback from your team. Identify any areas of improvement or additional training needs to optimise its usage.

Construction Software for Small Builders

Quotation Software Free

In the fast-paced construction world, efficiency is vital, especially for small builders aiming to make a big impact. That’s where DocFlite steps in.

Say goodbye to the headaches of cumbersome quoting software and hello to streamlined processes and elevated productivity.

With DocFlite, every aspect of your construction projects becomes effortlessly manageable.
From organising quotes to tracking progress, its intuitive interface simplifies the complex, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional results.

Forget about drowning in paperwork or losing track of vital documents; DocFlite keeps everything neatly organised and accessible at your fingertips.

What sets DocFlite apart is its adaptability to the unique needs of small builders. Tailored features ensure seamless communication with suppliers, clients, and team members, fostering collaboration and driving success.

Plus, with its user-friendly design, you’ll spend less time navigating software and more time on the job site, where you belong.

Docflite features for quotation include:

1. Effortless Organisation: With DocFlite, streamline your construction project management by effortlessly organising quotes, invoices, and documents all in one place.

2. Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with team members, suppliers, and clients in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the project lifecycle.

3. Centralised Communication: Say goodbye to scattered emails and endless phone calls. DocFlite provides a centralised communication platform, facilitating smooth interactions and reducing miscommunications.

4. Customisable Templates: Tailor quotes and documents to your specific needs with customisable templates, ensuring professionalism and consistency in every communication.

5. Mobile Accessibility: Stay connected to your projects on the go with DocFlite’s mobile accessibility, allowing you to access important documents and track progress from anywhere, anytime.

6. Time-Saving Automation: Save valuable time with DocFlite’s automation features, such as automatic reminders and notifications, streamlining administrative tasks and keeping your projects on schedule.

7. Secure Data Storage: Rest easy knowing your sensitive project data is securely stored on DocFlite’s cloud-based platform, protected by robust security measures to safeguard your information.

8. Efficient Cost Management: Take control of your project finances with DocFlite’s built-in cost management tools, helping you track expenses, analyse budgets, and make informed decisions to maximise profitability.

9. Scalable Solution: Whether you’re a small builder or a growing construction firm, DocFlite scales with your business needs, providing a flexible solution that adapts to your evolving requirements.

10. Dedicated Support: Receive dedicated support from the DocFlite team, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and ongoing assistance whenever needed, so you can focus on what you do best – building.

DocFlite offers comprehensive organisation, seamless collaboration, and mobile accessibility, empowering you to navigate projects precisely and easily. Embrace professional excellence in construction management with DocFlite as your reliable partner.

FAQs/ People also ask:

What is a quoting software?

Quoting software, or proposal or quoting tools, are applications that help businesses generate price quotes for their products or services. These tools often include features such as product databases, pricing information, and quote templates to streamline creating and sending quotes to potential customers.

What is a quotation management system?

A quotation management system is a software tool that helps businesses create, send, and track price quotes for products and services. It streamlines generating and managing quotations, making tracking pricing, products, and customer information easier. This system can also help standardise quotes, manage revisions, and analyse win rates. Overall, it’s a valuable tool for sales teams and businesses that regularly provide quotes to customers.

Which software is best for quotation?

DocFllite offers features such as customisable templates, pricing calculators, integration with CRM systems, quote tracking, reporting and analytics, collaboration and sharing capabilities, quote revision and version control. It aligns with the requirements for effective quotation management for small builders.


Throughout exploring how quoting software can transform small businesses, especially within the construction industry, we’ve delved into the numerous benefits and features these tools offer.
Customisable templates, database integration, advanced analytics, CRM integration and automation, cloud access, and intuitive user interfaces underscore how vital such software is in enhancing operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Small businesses are optimising their quote-to-conversion by investing in the right quoting software.

Whether managing complex construction projects or simplifying the quote creation process, the right tool can make a significant difference.
Emphasising the importance of comprehensive training and the utilisation of advanced features, we encourage small businesses to harness the power of these technologies. This streamlines operational processes and opens up new avenues for growth and customer relationship building, marking a pivotal step towards achieving long-term success in the construction industry.


Ready to streamline your quoting process and transform your small business? Explore our quoting software options and maximise your efficiency and revenue potential today.

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