Construction Quotation Sample Letter


Construction Quotation Sample Letter- For a Winning Proposal


Construction Quotation Sample Letter


In this post, we provide a construction quotation sample letter to help you secure new business and expand your company’s portfolio. 


The Importance of Gaining Trust with Your Quotation

When clients are choosing a contractor, they only have one opportunity to have their dream project made a reality. 

Trust with a professional and highly-qualified contractor firm is essential to securing bids. 

Aside from building a repertoire of great customer reviews, the most effective way to establish trust is with your first impressions. 

One of your first impressions with your potential clients is how you deal with the documentation side of your business. 

Showing a carefully crafted quotation letter will demonstrate your professionalism and ability to perform the project to the client’s desires. 


Purpose of a Construction Quotation Sample Letter

A construction quotation sample letter is a document that outlines the cost of a construction project. This document is given to the client before any work starts. It helps them understand the estimated cost of the project.

The purpose of a construction quotation sample letter is to provide transparency and clarity to the client. It ensures that everyone is on the same page about the cost of the project.

When creating a construction quotation, it’s important to be as detailed as possible. This means breaking down the cost of materials, labour, and any other expenses that will be incurred during the project. 

By providing this level of detail, you can avoid misunderstandings and ensure that your client understands what they’re paying for.


Tips for Writing a Quotation for Construction Work

When writing a quotation for construction work, it’s important to keep a few key tips in mind.


It’s all in the detail

Make your document as detailed as possible. This means breaking down the cost of materials, labour, and other expenses, and clearly explaining what each item is for. 

By doing this, you can ensure that your client understands exactly what they’re paying for.


Meet client needs

When using a construction quote template, it’s important to customise it to fit the specific needs of your client. 


Professionalism is key

Finally, be professional in your writing. This means using proper grammar and spelling and avoiding any casual language or slang. 

Professionalism guarantees that your quotation is taken seriously. 


Have flexibility

The Project Analysis Group found that an average of 35% of all construction projects have a major change. 

Change should be expected in a quotation. So having a quotation to allow for flexibility is paramount to updating and getting a new copy back to the clients. 

Prices and descriptions should be easily adjusted to reflect the materials and labour costs changes. 


Present well with a cover Image and cover letter

It’s not necessary, but providing a cover image and letter is an opportunity to impress. 

You can also use the cover letter to explain why your services are the best fit for the client’s project. 

Remind your potential clients why your company is the right choice for the job. Reiterating how your experience and expertise can benefit them. 

Make sure to emphasise any unique aspects of your company that make you stand out from the competition. 

Finally, thank the potential client for considering your quotation and end the letter with a call to action.

Be sure to amend your cover letter with your client’s details for a personal touch.


Simple and easy to read

Your quotation should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest. Use images and lots of white spacing to achieve a professional look. 



Using technology will separate professional contractors from the mediocre. Tech can be used in many stages of the project which simplify and improve the client/ contractor journey and experience. 

When it comes to writing a quotation, using a tool that enables you to present all the information you need that can automatically calculate your prices will save a drastic amount of time. Leaving space for you to put your precious time elsewhere. 

Using a document mangagement system means you can have one system for all of your document processes. It will allow you to manage your Estimates, Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, Feedback Forms and much more.


The Benefits of using an automated document management system for your construction quotations include; 

  1. Improve professionalism 
  2. Adjust and amend and re-send easily
  3. Save on resources
  4. Make more profit
  5. Score more clients 
  6. Improve employee production 
  7. Improve customer experience
  8. Reduce human error
  9. Speed up the project timeline
  10. Track the progress of your documents
  11. Follow up with automatic reminders
  12. All your documents are stored in one place.


Using DocFite to manage your quotation needs

If you need to use an automated document processing system to meet your quotation needs then DocFlite is your answer. 

Find out more about DocFlite here. 


How DocFlite can help with your quotation template for construction


Create an extremely detailed quotation

The more detailed and accurate a quotation, the more likely the project will stay on budget. DocFlite allows you to fully itemise your quote, organise your costs into headings and subheadings, display the units of measure, show discounts, write product notes and even add item images.

With the DocFlite quotation builder, there is also the ability to add optional items. This allows for variation in quotations when customers ask for different options. 

E.g. A client may ask for a quote on a 2m or 4m door opening and would like to know two prices. The customer can see both detailed costs and because DocFlite quotes are interactive, they can select which option they would like to go for there and then without the need for back and forth.


Payment schedules

A bespoke payment schedule can be created for clients who need to break down their payments into more manageable and consistent payments until the balance is cleared. For example deposit, interim and final installment. These can be unique for each project.


Forms and Tables

Forms and tables can be used either to display information clearly, for example, the list of services that you offer, or they can be used to gather information.

By using specially designed input fields customers can respond to the questions you ask them right there on the quote. Their responses can be in a format of your choosing; 

  • Tick boxes
  • Select from a drop-down
  • Yes/ no 
  • Text boxes
  • Uploads 


Document Tracking

When using the Docflite system, you can track the documents that get sent to your clients. 

This is especially helpful as you can track whether documents have been opened, clicked and where the clients are in the pipeline. 

This is a great advantage for you to gain an idea of the type of lead you have. 

Are they a cold lead, warm lead or hot lead? This will give you a clearer idea of whether your proposal will be accepted or rejected. 


Automatic sending

Workflows reduce manual document creation and increase your business’s efficiency and professionalism,

Automatically begin a new document process when another has completed it by creating a simple task in your workflow. You can use DocFlite’s own workflows or create your own.

For example, you can send a proposal and automatically create a contract document when your client accepts a quote. Perhaps when a job is finished, a site survey is automatically created for you to complete when visiting the site.



The DocFlite system uses electronic signatures. Clients can agree to the quotation by signing the document electronically when they receive it via email.  No need to print and follow up. Everything needed to start the job is there on the quote.


Quickbooks/ Xero integration

Familiar with using Xero or Quickbooks accountancy software? Take advantage of our integration.

  • You can retrieve a contact from Xero/Quickbooks when creating a document by Importing the contact.
  • When adding costs to your quote, you can look up products from Xero/Quickbooks.
  • When a quote is accepted, an invoice can then be created in Xero/Quickbooks with the line items in the quote. All you need to do is send it when you are ready.


No need for attachments

When using DocFlite, there is no need for extra attachments such as a cover letter or quotation. This makes sending the client information extremely easy and reduces human error with attachments being missed. 


Quotation Format for Construction Work

When creating a quotation for construction work, a few key elements should be included. These are:

  • A detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the project, including materials, labour, and other expenses
  • A timeline for the project, including start and end dates
  • Any additional fees or charges that may be incurred during the project
  • Payment terms, including the amount and frequency of payments
  • Contact information for your company, including phone number, email address, and website

By including all of these elements in your quotation, you can ensure that your client has all of the information they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to move forward with the project.

In addition to these basic elements, you may also want to include a summary of your company’s experience and expertise in the construction industry. This can help build trust with your clients and give them confidence in your ability to complete the project satisfactorily.


Construction Quotation Sample Letter

Below we’ve constructed an easy-to-follow construction quotation sample letter that you can easily copy and paste. 



How do you format a quote letter?

Company Logo at top of page

Clients Address





Project Overview: Extend the shopping mall car park adding 2000 more spaces. 

Dear name (Sir/ Ma’am if the name is unknown), 

Mention the project, and a short description of the quotation to help the client understand the quote better. 

Here, elaborate on details in the quote that may need further explaining. 

Reiterate the values and mission statement of your company to give confidence in your clients going with your proposal. 

Thank the recipient for their time to read the letter. 

Attach the quotation and documents necessary to support your quotation and explain what needs to happen next if they wish to go ahead with the project and accept your quotation. 

Yours sincerely,

Your name 

Your Company Name 

Contact Number




A construction quotation sample letter is a crucial document in the construction industry. 

By following the tips and best practices outlined in this article, you can create a winning proposal that will help you secure new business and expand your company’s portfolio. Remember to be as detailed as possible, use a construction quote template, and be professional in your writing. 

If you want to speed up your quotation process with an automated document system, find out more about DocFlite here. 



By doing these things, you can create a great quotation that will help you stand out from the competition and win the bid.

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