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Do you run a successful cleaning service, but need help on the paperwork side of the business?

The process of creating a cleaning quote for your clients can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be. 

In this blog post, we discuss how to create a professional and effective cleaning service quotation that impresses your clients and improves revenue. We also give you free access to our quotation documentation templates later in this post!


The growth of the cleaning industry

The cleaning industry is growing in popularity. More and more households are using cleaning services with a 20% growth year on year. 

Additionally, the commercial cleaning industry is expected a growth of 50% by 2027.

If you run a cleaning company or wish to start, how you manage your documentation is just as important as the services you carry out. 

So when it comes to your quotation, how you price your services, how you process your quotation and how you communicate this with your clients are integral to your success. 

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What is a Cleaning Service Quotation?

A cleaning service quotation is a document that outlines the services you offer and the associated costs. 

It is used to provide potential customers with an estimate of the cost of the services they require before they commit to hiring you. A good service quotation will impress any client, but it is critical for commercial cleaning companies. 

What should a quote include?

The cleaning service quotation should include the details of the services you will provide, the cost of each service, and the estimated time it will take to complete the job. 

It should also include any additional services, price lists and fees you will charge. 

On top of this, it should also include terms and conditions and lay out the level of service the customer requires.

A well-crafted and detailed quotation is essential for providing professional service to customers. 

It allows them to make an informed decision about their cleaning needs and gives them the confidence that they are choosing the right service provider.

Benefits of Creating a Cleaning Service Quotation

Creating a cleaning service quotation has several benefits for the customer and the provider. Here are some of the benefits of creating a cleaning service quotation:

  • It allows the customer to make an informed decision about their cleaning needs.
  • A quote gives customers confidence that they are choosing the right service provider.
  • You have an opportunity to clearly outline the services they will provide and the cost of each service.
  • It helps to ensure that both parties are on the same page and that there is no confusion or misunderstanding.

How much do commercial cleaners charge per hour?

When attempting to start a housecleaning business, one of the primary concerns is determining how much to charge for services. It can be an overwhelming task, as there are several factors to consider when calculating pricing.

Steps to work out how much to charge:

  1. Site evaluation
  2. Type of cleaning (commercial/ domestic)
  3. Size of space per square floor
  4. Time required to complete the job 

You can find out how much to charge for your cleaning business here: 

How to start a cleaning business from scratch

How do you write a quote for a cleaning service?

As a cleaning business owner, generating accurate and competitive quotes is essential for winning new clients and maintaining a profitable business. Here are some sections you will need to include: 

1. Collect the Right Information

Before generating a quote for a potential client, you must collect the correct information about their cleaning needs. 

This includes details such as the

  • size of the property,
  • the number of rooms to be cleaned and
  • the type of cleaning required (e.g. deep cleaning, regular cleaning, etc.). 

It’s also essential to determine any special requirements, such as cleaning products or equipment that the client prefers or any areas of the property that need special attention.

This process can be streamlined by embedding a contact form on your website to help you accurately capture the information you need.

2. Understand Your Competition

To stay competitive in the cleaning industry, you must understand what your competitors charge for similar services. 

Research the rates of other cleaning businesses in your area and ensure your pricing aligns with the market.

3. Know Your Costs and Services

You need to know your costs and services inside out to generate accurate quotes. 

This includes the cost of cleaning supplies, equipment, and labour, as well as any overheads such as insurance or advertising costs. 

Knowing your costs will help you set a fair price for your services.

4. Calculate the Price

Once you have all the necessary information, you can calculate the price of your services. There are several pricing strategies you can use, as we listed above.

Ensure your pricing is competitive while still allowing you to make a profit.

5. Communicate Your Services

When you present a quote to a potential client, communicate the value of your services. 

Highlight any unique features of your business, such as eco-friendly cleaning products or flexible scheduling options. 

Ensure that your business is the best choice for their cleaning needs.

6. Following Up on Quotes

Following up on quotes is vital for converting potential clients into paying customers. Send a polite reminder email or call to check if they have any questions or concerns about your services. 

This can help build a relationship with the client and increase the chances of winning their business.

7. Keep Prices Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to pricing your cleaning services. 

Make sure to charge the same rate for all clients and avoid offering discounts or special rates that could lead to resentment or misunderstandings. 

A consistent pricing policy will help build trust with your clients and create a more stable business model.

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Elements to Include in a Cleaning Service Quotation

When crafting a cleaning service quotation, you should include several key elements. These include:

The services you will provide:
 A detailed list of your services, including the estimated time to complete the job.

The cost of the services:
A detailed breakdown of the cost of each service, including any additional fees or services you will charge.

Payment terms: 
Clear and concise payment terms, including the payment method and when payment is due.

Contact information: 
Your contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address.

These elements are essential for creating a professional and effective cleaning service quotation sample. 

Examples of a Cleaning Service Quotation

A cleaning service quotation should be tailored to the customer’s individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the quotation should reflect the customer’s unique needs. Here are some examples of cleaning service quotations:

cleaning service quotation sample
DocFlite Cleaning service quotation sample
Cleaning service quotation sample
DocFlite cleaning service quotation sample


How to Gather the Necessary Information to Craft Your Cleaning Service Quote

As a cleaning service business, generating an accurate quote for potential clients is crucial to sales. You need to gather the correct information to craft a quote that meets the client’s and your business’s needs. 

Details of the Required Service

The first step is to understand the client’s specific requirements. This includes the type of cleaning required, the size and layout of the property, and any special requests. Ask detailed questions about the client’s cleaning needs and preferences to ensure your quote reflects their specific requirements.

A Pricing Breakdown

To provide an accurate quote, you need to break down the costs of the service. This should include one-off costs, such as initial deep cleaning, and recurring costs, such as regular cleaning. Make sure to be transparent about your pricing structure and clearly outline any additional fees or charges that may be applicable.

Information about the Service Provider

Providing potential clients with information about your cleaning service company is essential. This may include details about your experience in the industry, the types of cleaning services you provide, and any unique features of your service, such as eco-friendly cleaning products or flexible scheduling options. Make sure to highlight your business’s strengths to set yourself apart from the competition.

Testimonials from Similar Clients

Including testimonials from satisfied clients can help build trust with potential customers. Ask for permission to use testimonials from clients with similar cleaning needs to the one you are quoting for. This can help demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your services and provide potential clients with social proof that your service is worth investing in.

Supporting Documentation

Providing supporting documentation, such as Health and Safety Policies, Insurance, and Accreditations can help establish your cleaning service company as a reliable and trustworthy choice. This demonstrates your commitment to providing high-quality services and complying with industry standards.   

How to Send a Cleaning Service Quotation

Once you’ve crafted your cleaning service quotation sample, the next step is to send it to the customer. This can be done via email, post, automatic software or even in person.

When sending the quotation, it’s essential to ensure it is clear, concise, and within a reasonable time frame. Additionally, it should include all the necessary information and be tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Use an Automated Document System 

An automated document-sending tool is an efficient and convenient way to ensure each client receives their quotation in time, with no errors. 

DocFlite is especially useful for a cleaning business to organise its documentation. It helps with the following: 

    • Quick Responses
      Our tool enables quick responses, including ad-hoc quote requests. 
    • Flexible Costing Tools
      Our system allows you to price for any scenario. For both, recurring and one-off services. 
    • Price List Database
      With our price list feature tool, your pricing database can be imported, and you can apply discounts and track costs.
    • Customise and Adjust quotations
      Within our system, you can customise your quotes with product images, product notes, discounts, units of measure and extra specifications to help your clients understand your quotations.
      Customisation can be taken further by breaking your costings into separate headings and sub-total service groups.
    • Auto Calculation
      DocFlite Auto-calculates your Tax, profit and loss, and commission.
    • Branding
      Our system allows you to create professional documents that represent your company.
    • Additional Digital features
      With E-signatures, Tables and Input fields and Document Upload features, your documents are interactive. This allows you to gather as much information as possible, all at the same time. Automatic reminders mean no need for follow-up emails or phone calls to finalise the deal. 

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Creating a cleaning service quotation is essential to providing professional service to customers. 

When crafting a cleaning service quotation, it’s vital to include all the necessary information and tailor it to the individual needs of the customer. Additionally, it should be clear and concise and should include all the necessary information without going into too much detail.

Creating a cleaning service quotation sample may seem daunting, but by using our sample we hope you now feel it doesn’t have to be. Following the steps outlined in this blog article, you can create a compelling and professional cleaning service quotation sample that gets results. 

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