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Capital Cleaning Services


The Issue

Capital Cleaning Service had no set processes for how we organised our quoting, documents were kept in separate folders, using both Word and Excel, and our team would pick and choose what we needed each time we created a new quote document.

Our company was doing well and growing. We were producing more and more quotations, which meant more time was been taken up with quality checks and follow ups, and we were experiencing bottlenecks.

We are passionate about service to our clients and I knew that I wanted to commit more time to our core business. It was cumbersome to pull all of this from different parts of our server to build up a quote.

I knew change needed to happen.

The Search

I had sat through a couple of demos for software products and been underwhelmed. With QuoteOnSite, the difference was immediately clear. Not only do TJ and his team understand their product, they clearly understand the issues companies face.

The Support

QuoteOnSite is absolutely fantastic. Their enthusiasm and determination to problem solve, and help develop our business has been a breath of fresh air.

TJ and team are not just keen to win business but are keen to build a strong business relationship. For example, I queried when it would be the best time to follow up a quotation. QuoteOnSite helped identify which leads were most likely to convert based on engagement with the quote, helping to greatly increase our conversion rate.

The Upshot

Like QuoteOnSite, my priority is to build relationships with my clients and add value to their business. With the sales bottleneck resolved, I can focus on clients and on my team.

At a minimum I would say QuoteOnSite has halved the time I spend on quoting. More importantly, these efficiencies have allowed me to concentrate in other parts of the business as we train up more personnel to carry out site surveys and quotations.

Next, we’ll use QuoteOnSite Promotions as part of Marketing, so we can create offers, easily gauge engagement and improve conversion rates.

QuoteOnSite more than pays for itself with the extra revenue we are now able to generate. It is a great product from a great team.

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