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Blitz Group Ltd, is Scotland’s leading commercial and contract cleaning company. Blitz is based in Glasgow, Scotland, providing professional, flexible and budget conscious, tailored cleaning services to both large and small businesses throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas in Scotland.

Their experienced, dedicated, motivated and fully trained staff teams are able to clean any size of office, from a single room to a chain of office suites. They provide cleaning services to a variety of business types including office premises, retail outlets, factory outlets, councils, restaurants, hotels and catering industries as well as financial and banking organisations, entertainment venues & car showrooms.

The Issue

The problem we had was trying to find a database that helped us move away from paper based quotes and time consuming processes. Part of the problem was sending quotes as an attachment and not knowing if the client had even received it, which led to time spent chasing leads. Thankfully we came across DocFlite which enabled us to completely transform how we quote and present the business to new and existing clients.

The Search

As business grew, we knew our database and time consuming processes had to change to keep up with demand and so we started looking for something that would help us move away from the old style way of quoting. DocFlite came about early on in the search process and after speaking with TJ and the team we knew we had found the perfect solution to our problems.

The Support

The support we receive from DocFlite is invaluable. Tj and the team have always been on hand to provide support and ideas through video calls, texts and emails at any point during the day. At Blitz we’ve tried to come up with our own ideas and processes in order to create something unique that works for us, knowing in the background they are always on hand to help.

The Upshot

The benefits from using DocFlite are the drastic improvement in our processes, the time saved chasing leads and how we have managed to create several document processes that work for all the parts of the business. One of the main benefits we have found using DocFlite is our document traceability. Having a database that holds a record of all our documents, certificates and post clean reports is a vital part of the business.

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