Automation Software

for Accountants

Respond to RFQ’s, send letters of engagement, onboard your clients,
automate document reminders
and keep track of file expiry with software that gives you
professional templates, workflows and status tracking.

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Quote, Proposal and Document Process Software for ambitious businesses

Automate your documents, streamline your process.

Quote Faster Than Ever

Act quickly when receiving requests for quotes. Utilize our price lists feature to import your pricing database, implement discounts, and monitor costs.

Manage Proposals & Contracts

Easily secure your new clients with signed contracts. Obtain digital signatures from your clients effortlessly. Automatically generate contracts once a quote or proposal has been accepted.

Bidding Software for Commercial Cleaning and

Streamline your business

Streamline the creation of multiple documents using pre-built workflows or customize your own from scratch.

Move away from Word and Excel documents and use DocFlite to send client onboarding documents, engagement letters and more.

Workflows reduce manual document creation

Efficiency can be further increased by automating the initiation of new document processes once one is completed by creating simple tasks within your workflow.

For example, once a proposal is approved, a contract document can be automatically generated, or an onboarding form can be automatically created and sent upon contract signing.

Our flexible Costing Tools allow you to price for any scenario.

Easily price recurring and one-time services. Include product images, notes, discounts, units of measure, and additional specifications. Organize your costings into separate categories and sub-total different service groups. Automatically calculate VAT, profit and loss, and commission.

Control document quality with approval workflows

Improve your levels of confidence in the quality of documents, with approvals.

Whether you are a solopreneur looking to get some external help or if you are part of a large team, approvals streamlines the process of checking documents before they are sent to your contacts.

Maintain your brand with Templates

Take control of your document presentation with Templates. Add your branding, content, pricing, e-sign and more.

Save your re-usable content in Content Libraries for quick document creation.

The complete sales, onboarding and document management system

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Banish excel, word/pdf, email and verbal quotes with software that’s so easy and yet so powerful, you’ll wonder how you and your team ever coped without it!